SpillClean Safe Natural All Purpose Universal Liquid Oil Spill Absorbent 26 Litres (4.5 kg)

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SpillClean Absorbent 26 Litre (4.5 kg)
  • Available Size: Available in 26L Bags.
  • Absorbs On Touch
  • SpillClean absorbs 5 times as much by weight than clay based absorbents.
  • Safe Natural All Purpose Absorbents
  • Universal Liquid Spill Absorbent.100% Organic & Natural . Safe & Non-Carcinogenic.
  • For Hazardous liquid spills including oils, Paints, fuels, solvents and chemicals


Make sure that the source of the spill is contained and work from the point of the spill migration direction to restrict further spreading. Once the flow is contained, absorbent should be applied around the perimeter of the spill, working to the middle until all liquid is covered generously. Allow time for the spill to be fully absorbed, then sweep back and forth with a stiff broom until the surface is dry.


Remove used absorbent with a spark-proof shovel or pan and place in a suitable disposal bag or box. Check with the appropriate authorities for disposal regulations and requirements. Depending on disposal regulations, used SpillClean Universal Liquid Spill Absorbent can be sent to landfill or incinerated.


Always follow workplace safety procedures when handling hazardous spills or refer to the SpillClean Absorbent Spill Procedure.

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