Buffered Coco Peat Potting Soil + Nutrients block 10L with potting Grow Bag

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Buffered Coco Peat block 10L with potting Grow Bag
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Up To 10 Litres of Buffered Coco Peat Potting Soil with ready to use grow bag. It has added nutrients to enhance plant growth.

Expands upto a volume of 10 litres - just add water!

600g - 650g Approx before adding water

Buffered with Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Potassium (K) & Sulphur (S) for better plant growth and higher yield.

                      Light weight, easy handling, use as needed.


  1.  Place Blocks into bag provided.
  2.  Add 3-4 Litres of water.
  3.  Wait about 30 minutes for the water to absorb and then mix well.
  4.  After 30 minutes you have up to 10 litres in volume of fresh potting soil.
  5. Pierce holes in base of bag to release excess water.


  1.  A natural and environmentally friendly product produced out of natural coconut coir raw material.
  2. Handy grow bag, light weight and fits well on window sill to grow herbs, flowers, etc,.
  3. Portable.
  4. Improves aeration for optimal root growth, absorbs and retains more water.
  5. pH Neutral and low Electric conductivity (EC)
  6. Natural micro sponge effect prevents water loss, eco-friendly alternative to peat moss.
  7. Environment friendly growing medium for all your indoor & outdoor gardening.
  8. Renewable resource that is easy to use and completely biodegradable.
  9. Naturally weed and pathogen free.
  10. Enhances soil microbial life.
Also knows as: Coco Coir/ Coco peat / Coco Husk Fiber / Coconut coir / Coconut fiber / coco coir peat
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